amplitude: gallus gallus domesticus

the egg is integrated into the cosmogony of every nation on earth as a sacred expression. it is honored because of both its universal form and its inner mystery. an egg is one cell, one primordial atom. in the first spiritual representations of man it was already known as that, which best shows the origin and the secret of ‘being’. with some energy in the form of heat, the gradual development of the imperceptible seed within the closed shell starts to develop. it is a symbol of inner activity, without any external force that produced an operational “something” from a hidden “nothing.”

as part of the ongoing research, i want to look for the cosmogonic pulse. i placed a grammaphone player needle onto a fertilized egg which was in it’s late stage. the sensitive piëzo element records pressure and movements of the chicken fetus inside it’s shell. i found several pulsating sounds of which sound like a heartbeat. the audio is being played on two black speakers, which makes the pulsating sound become bigger than we are. the installation is the beginning, a notification of the presence of the primeval being.

audio installation††

in the current proces of the research i plan to press LP’s with the recordings.

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